Advanced Public Relations

Advanced Public Relations was my capstone PR course at the University of South Florida. Through this class I, along with 6 team members, was given a local Tampa Bay company and told to structure a comprehensive public relations campaign complete with clearly-defined objectives and strategies to advance their business goals. Below is the link to our campaign booklet. I was the established research director so most all of my blood, sweat and tears ran down pages 9-42. I also designed the newsletter (page 53), brochure (pages 54-55), business card (page 61), FAQ (page 62), media coverage (page 64) and order form (page 70).

Tampa T-Shirts Campaign Booklet


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Shriners Hospitals for Children Internship

coming soon…

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Design Work

Here is some other design work I had done in other classes.

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Journal Noting

One of my professors spoke at a Popular Culture Association Conference in Missouri about branding through social media. I helped conduct interviews and research for her findings. Below is the link to her paper. She hopes to submit this research project to a journal.

Brand Fans PCA

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Media Kit

For another public relations course I was told to pick a company and structure a media kit for the organization. I chose to do the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay. All information is true of the company. All design aesthetic was my doing. I did change the company’s slogan. Below are the links to all publications.

Company History

Fact Sheet

Press Release

Donation Sheet (1 of 9 pages)

FAQ Page 1 

FAQ Page 2


Media Coverage

Style Guide

Wish List

Donation Form

Bumper Sticker

Business Card


Brochure Inside

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Writing for Public Relations

Below are links to some of my writing assignments from a course called writing for public relations including a press release, media alert, pitch letter, fundraising letter, etc.

Press Release

Mini Strategic Plan

Fundraising Letter

Pitch Letter

Media Alert


Profile Feature

Feature Story

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Press Release about Swine Flu Survey Results

A press release was posted on USF News about the results of our swine flu survey. My groups picture and video are featured in this article with positive feedback. Below is the link to the press release.

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Swine Flu Survey Project

Here is another group project for my PR research class. It was a survey project to discover student attitudes towards the swine flu vaccine. We also made a video meant to influence their beliefs. Below is the link to our results and our video.

Swine Flu Survey

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PR Interview Project

This is another group project for my public relations research class. We were told to interview public relation practitioners about social media and make podcasts out of the interviews. Below is a link to our paper which shows the purpose of our interviews, the methods we used, the results and a short conclusion. We have also included written transcripts of each of our interviews.

Social Media Interview Project

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PR Monitoring Project

This is a group assignment for my public relations research class. Our group chose to do our monitoring project on Victoria’s Secret. Below is the link to our results.


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